The Estimate prepared by GC Auto Obsession is an offer to perform repairs to the damage indicated at the price stated. The customer’s agreement however stated to proceed with repairs constitutes acceptance of that offer and forms a binding legal contract incorporating these Terms of Business. The Estimate is valid for a period of 30 days.

If for any reason, including but not limited to bad weather, GC AUto Obsession is unable to carry out the repair at the time date or location indicated on the Estimate, any and all liability incurred by GC Auto Obsession as a result shall be discharged by GC Auto Obsession making  an offer to conduct the repair at the estimate price at an alternative time date or location convenient to both parties, whether or not such time date and location is identified or such offer is accepted.

No guarantee of any sort is offered against damage to the finish by any corrosion or rust (whether or not evident before the repair was carried out) by failure of the surface to which the repair is applied (including but not limited to failure of a previous aftermarket paintwork repair), further accident or impact (including but not limited to stone chipping) or by inappropriate aftercare once the vehicle has been returned to the customer.

Scratch repairs, ‘touch-ups’ and any other repairs identified as such to the customer by GC Auto Obsession will be on an ‘improve only’ basis, and no representation is made and no guarantee offered that such a repair will be in any way undetectable against the original finish. Repairs may be identified as an “attempt to improve only” in which case GC Auto Obsession does not guarantee any improvement. Claims under the GC Auto Obsession guarantee are settled by free rectification or (at GC Auto Obsessions discretion) a refund equal to the portion of the invoice price representing the unsatisfactory repair. Any refund or liability shall be limited to a maximum of the amount quoted upon the estimate or invoice. GC Auto Obsession will not be liable for any consequential loss incurred as the result of a repair. It is incumbent on the customer to keep a receipt as proof of work carried out.

Payment in full is required on completion of work carried out and shall be by  cash, credit or debit card.